MAEA Awards

MAEA feels that it is important to honor those who have shown dedication to our beliefs to promote, preserve and perpetuate art education in the state of Missouri. Award nomination packets are due by November 1st, so please nominate at least one month prior to that to ensure that nominees have enough time to complete the packet requirements. For nomination forms and awards packets, please see the links at the bottom of the page.

Past Award Winners

Division Awards:

Nominations are due by October 10th.

Division award nominees must spend at least 51% of their work day in the job division for which they have been nominated. For example, educators who work primarily as administrators or supervisors are not eligible to receive elementary division awards, even if that is the level administered or supervised. This member should be registered in the Supervision/Administration Division.

      • Division Art Educator of the Year

        • K-12 Art Educator

        • Elementary Art Educator, grades Pre-K-5th

        • Middle/Junior High School Art Educator, grades 6-8

        • Secondary Art Educator, grades 9-12

        • Higher Art Education

        • Supervisor/Administrator Art Educator

        • Museum Art Educator

        • Retired Art Educator

The Missouri Art Educator of the Year will be selected from the slate of nominations for all other awards. This award winner will be forwarded on to NAEA for recognition as the state winner.

Specialty Awards:

Nominations are due by October 10th.

      • The Larry A. Kantner Art Education Research Award Endowment Any MAEA member who completes a research project (this can be a Master’s Thesis, Doctoral Dissertation, or Action Research Project). Individuals are not eligible for the award until their research is completed and a report is submitted to the MAEA awards committee. There is a $150 stipend for the winner of this award.

      • Heart for Art Award Open to any person or organization which has demonstrated significant support of art education.

      • The Otto Bean, Jr., Award is intended to recognize elected officials who have worked to improve the state of the arts and art education in the State of Missouri .

For the Nominator:

For the Nominee:

  • It is the nominator's responsibility to inform the nominee that you have nominated them for the award. They may begin completing the nominee's awards packet

  • Nominees can be self nominated

  • The Awards Committee will review the complete awards packet once received.

  • Key criteria for the award

  • Completed Nomination packets will be reviewed by a selection committee, which will select the award recipient based on the nomination form, the nominee's response to the standardized vita, and the required letters of support. The winners will be recognized at the MAEA Spring Conference.

2022 Award Winners

Heart for Art Awards

  • Art Group at Union Avenue (Christian Church)
    nominated by Ron Jennings

  • Cynthia Spurgeon, Principal of Cedar Springs Elementary
    nominated by Melanie Robinson

  • Kelly Downes, Director of Art Council of Southeast Missouri
    nominated by Nikki Heuring and Danielle Anderson

  • Heather Schneider, Human Resources Team Leader for RK Stratman Screenprinting nominated by Rosemary Ziegler

  • Missouri School Board Association
    nominated by Hester Menier

  • Stephanie Hasty, Lebanon High School ELA Educator
    nominated by Elizabeth Barker

Missouri Art Educator of the Year

Ron Jennings

Elementary Art Educator of the Year

Alexandra Burnside

Middle School/Jr. High Art Educator of the Year

Abby Birhanu

Secondary Art Educator of the Year

Cheryl Church

K-12 Art Educator of the Year

Taylor Hopkins

Retired Art Educator of the Year

Rick Peterson

Otto Bean Jr. Art Advocacy Award

Senator Barbara Washington

Exemplary Service Award

Carl Polster