High School Scholarship

Missouri Art Education Association's (MAEA) High School Future Visual Art Teacher Scholarship


Applicants must be a Missouri resident, high school graduating student, studying to be a visual art educator in the state of Missouri in the areas of elementary, middle school/junior high, secondary, K-12 or museum.


Application must be received by March 1.


  • Scholarships are earmarked for students, graduating from high school, who are interested in majoring in the field of visual art education

  • The Scholarship is to encourage high school seniors to consider visual art education as a career.

  • Scholarships will be awarded based on current amounts of funds available.

  • The scholarship will be awarded to graduating Missouri high school students only.


The application needs to be submitted to the MAEA Executive Council through this website form only and the applicant will need to have at least one letter of recommendation.

The scholarship amount will depend upon available funding and will not exceed $500 per applicant(s) to be awarded once.

The applicant will be recognized and awarded at the MAEA Spring Conference Award Ceremony (tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 26, 2022 1-2pm at the St. Louis Renaissance Hotel, St. Louis MO)

Funds will be distributed directly to the applicant’s institution after proof of enrollment.


[Feel free to copy this section below and print or email to people who will write you a letter of recommendation for the MAEA Future Visual Art Teacher Scholarship for Graduating High School Student(s)]

You will need at least one Scholarship Recommendation Letter. We suggest you ask 2 people to write you a letter of recommendation (LOR). Ask them to attach their letter of support to an email addressed to with the subject heading: "(Applicant's initials) for High School Scholarship" no later than January 31. We will accept two letters of recommendation on your behalf.

A Scholarship Recommendation Letter is a letter written by a school teacher, visual art instructor, headmaster, principal, private tutor, or employer. The letter supports your application and should demonstrate your interest and commitment in visual art as well as seeking a teaching career in visual art education.

The letter should include details about the person writing the letter, their relationship to you, and describe qualities relating to visual art and/or teaching visual art.

The Scholarship Letter of Recommendation may also cover:

  • Applicant's potential for academic success based on the writer's experience of them

  • References to the applicant's past academic performance and / or professional performance

  • Descriptions of academic strengths, or practical aptitudes and skills demonstrated when working with them and scope for improvement and capacity for success in their studies, given their successful application

  • Detail of specific examples of work undertaken and academic achievements that pertain to the applicant's desired course of study

  • References to relevant personal qualities and skills they could bring to their studies, their work ethic and ability to work with others

  • Use of descriptive and powerful terms to bolster support

  • References to professional and life goals of the applicant where appropriate and relevant

  • Summary of the applicant in the round

The Scholarship Recommendation Letter should be emailed from the person who is writing the letter. Please have them email your letter of support addressed to with the subject heading: "(Applicant's initials) for High School Scholarship" no later than January 31.

As the applicant, you may want to check in with those who are writing letters for you to be sure they have sent their letter before the deadline.


Please write a personal statement or essay regarding your vision of being a visual art educator and how MAEA can help you attain these goals OR What Artist or Visual Art Teacher Inspire you? Keep to 500 words or less. You may want to write this personal statement ahead of time and then copy into the scholarship application.


You may want to gather the following information before you fill out the scholarship application online:

  • List the Schools/Colleges you applied to and if you have been accepted yet.

  • Have you applied for the FAFSA (Federal Application for Federal Student Aid)?

  • If yes, what is your FAFSA EFC (Expected Family Contribution) number?

  • List other scholarships you have received (name of scholarship & amount).

  • List your achievements, awards, and recognitions.


Please use the link above to fill out the online application google form which needs to be submitted by January 31, 2022, midnight.