Fall Conference 2019

The info below was provided by the presenters of the 2019 MAEA Knob Noster Art Conference. Not all presenters provide info for this secret page... which is all the more reason to come to conference for the full experience!

*** Files for this link are still coming in to MAEA - check back in a few days if there's something that you wanted but don't see yet. It may just be waiting on a file to upload.

African Art

African Continent Outline

Art Camp

Art Camp Project Lists and Supplies

Explosion Handout

Art is a Place

Art is a place where ... meaningful art experiences for all sign

Books with Projects

Project Example Folder

Calligraphic Quote

Calligraphic Quote

My Name Rubric

Communicating with Parents

Picnic Talk Info Sheet

Georgia O'Keefe


Kindness Rocks


Loose Parts

Information Sheet

Magic Wand Sculptures

Magic Wand Presentation


Lesson Plan

Mindfulness in the Art Room


Sterling Special Forces: Art, Music, PE & Library

Prezi Presentation

Test the Wacom Tablet

Info Sheet

Textured Nile Crocodile

Lesson Plan

Things with String


Tripod Slab Mugs

Lesson Plan

Veteran's Day Mural

Lesson Plan

Walnut Grove Art Rubric

Wire Sculpture

Self Assessment


Yam Info Packet