Past Award Winners

We at MAEA, believe that every teacher is amazing. We take nominations each fall from teachers that want to acknowledge those whom they believe are exceptional. These awards are our way of giving thanks to those that give so much. Thank you to all the past winners and we look forward to meeting our new winners each year!


Educator of the Year: Mary Helen Stuber


Elementary: Judith Cornelius

Middle School: Nora Olive

Secondary: Mary Gainey

Higher Ed: Ann Allman

Retired: Allen Flamm

Museum: Rebecca Stonesander

Educator of the Year: Ann Kynion


Elementary: Julie Casebourne

Middle School: Jennifer Wax

Secondary: Norma Crafton

Retired: Terry Thomure

Educator of the Year: Cheryl Venet


Elementary: Janice Greer

Middle School: Linda Griffin

Secondary: Julie Bandy

Museum: Cammie Downing

Educator of the Year: Edwin Smith


Elementary :Teresa Holt

Middle: Rick Peterson

Secondary: Connie Greany

Higher Ed.: Judith Fowler

Educator of the Year: Melanie Polster (Robinson)


K-12: Kathy Roweton

Elementary: Lois Jacobs

Middle School: Becky Treadway

Secondary: Judy Barks-Westrich

High Ed: Louis Langford

Educator of the Year: Terry Thomure


Elementary: Sheila Prusacki

Middle School: Holley Smothers

Secondary: Susan Lorenz

Educator of the Year: Linda Ann Harre


K-12: Denise Reinholt

Elementary: Mary Jo Kattelman

Middle School: Leesha Dunkeson

Secondary: Kim Foster (Powell)

Higher Ed: Steve Willis

Retired: Marilynne Bradley

Educator of the Year: Holley Smothers


Elementary: Sarah Willard

Secondary: Teri Kay Willett

Retired: Janice Teter

Museum: Kristy Peterson

Educator of the Year: Connie Shoemaker


K-12: Rebecca Moppin

Elementary: Peggy Austin

Middle School: Joy Bailey

Secondary: Mark Anderson

Higher Ed: Kathy Unrath

Retired: Jacque Defenbaugh

Museum: Victoria Weaver


Elementary: Cyndi Shepard

Secondary: Linda Griffin

Higher Ed: Mick Luehrman

Museum: Jennifer Zeller

Educator of the Year: Leesha Dunkeson


Elementary: Diana Mahoney

K-12: Janice Januzzi-Thomas

Secondary: Shannon Engelbrecht

Educator of the Year: Keeli Singer


Elementary: Diane Papageorge

K-12: Molly Wait

Secondary: Lori Bockting

Higher Ed: Dr. Karen Cummings

Museum: Dr. Michael Murawski

Retired: Sharon Williams

Educator of the Year: Elizabeth Thomas


Elementary: Marta Gall

Middle School: Rochelle Bowers

Secondary: Kevin Kloppenberg

Educator of the Year (co): Amy George and Nellie Mitchell


Elementary: Marcia Mitchell

K-12: Angie Meyers

Middle School: Kay Leeper

Secondary: Helen Moore

Higher Ed: Dr. Rahila Weed

Admin/Super: Sandy Collins

Educator of the Year: Susan Elson


Elementary: Hester Menier

Secondary: Tina Hyde

Higher Ed: Belinda Smith

Retired: Helen Hume

Educator of the Year: Vicki Bean

Western Region Elementary: Melanie Robinson


Elementary: Sheryl Lamme

K-12: Kat Grajek

Middle: Fred Mintert

Secondary: Ron Jennings

Supervision/Admin: Michelle Ridlen

Retired: Linda Bowers

Educator of the Year: Rosie Riordan

Western Region Elementary: Hester Menier

Western Region Secondary: Vicki Bean


Elementary: Michelle Howard

Middle: Amy Potts

Secondary: Helen Sanders

Retired: Margaret Peeno

Educator of the Year: Mary Ellen Picker


K-12: Shannon Green-Kingery

Elementary: Lisa Kirk

Secondary: Connie Shoemaker

Higher Ed: Stuart Robinson

Museum: Rachel M. Straughn-Navarro

Educator of the Year: Clayton Noltkamper


Art Educator of the Year: Mary Franco

Elementary: Aimee Freesia

Middle: Keeli Singer

Secondary: Megan Hines

Higher Ed.: Carol Horst

Western Region Secondary: Connie Shoemaker


Art Educator of the Year: Michelle Howard

Elementary: Kelly Bethel

Middle: Chris Mostyn

Secondary: Kim Meneses

Higher Ed: Amber Mintert

Retired: Debra Straatmann


Art Educator of the Year: Cristy Crites

Elementary: Jessie Bayless

Middle: Leigh Mincks

Secondary: Kim Powell

Higher Ed: Fatih Benzer

Retired: Marilynne Bradley