Spring Conference


Dream. Design. Do! Dream. Design. Do! Diving Deep into Critical Thinking

March 23-25, 2023

Oasis Hotel & Convention Center, Springfield, MO

Registration is OPEN NOW! 

Registration Fees

Registration is OPEN, as of November 1st. Registration is a two part process that includes the registration form and payment.

For any registration issues, contact Diana Mahoney, Registration Chair at registration@maea.net.

Conference Fees:


Registration November 1- February 21  

Active/Assoc/First Year Member Registration   $150.00

Retired/Emeritus Member Registration              $85.00

       Student/Pre-service Member Registration       $60.00

       Active Member Saturday Only Registration     $80.00

       Non-member/Renewal Registration                      $240.00

       Assoc Non-member/Renewal Registration        $235.00

       Retired Non-member/Renewal Registration    $135.00

       Student Non-member/Renewal Registration   $105.00

       1st Year Teacher Non-member/Registration     $225.00

       Saturday Only Non-member/Renewal Reg.       $80 +   appropriate membership fee.

Late and Onsite Registration February 22 -March 23

        Active /Assoc/First Year Member Registration   $185.00

        Active Retired Member Registration                      $85.00

        Active Student Member Registration                     $60.00

        Active Member Saturday Only $115.00

        Non-Member/Renewal Registration                       $275.00

        Assoc Non-Member/Renewal Registration         $270.00

        Retired Non-Member/Renewal Registration     $135.00

        Student Non-Member/Renewal Registration    $105.00

        First Year Teacher Non-member/Registration  $260.00

        Saturday Only Non-member/Renewal Reg.       $115 +   appropriate membership fee.

*Non-members have had the appropriate membership fee added to their conference fee. Membership fees can be seen on our membership page. Due to insurance regulations and financial constraints, only registered MAEA/NAEA members and staff are allowed to attend conference activities. Children and infants are not permitted.

*To check your membership status, please contact our membership chair at membership@maea.net or NAEA at arteducators.org. You must be an active member or renew your membership prior to March 1st to attend. 

Register for Spring Conference

BOTH Part 1 - Registration form and Part 2 - Payment MUST be completed to be fully registered.

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