Fall Conference 2014 Resources

Friday Workshops

Compliments of O'Keeffe, by Lisa Kirk

Basket Bowls, by Connie Shoemaker

What's the BIG Idea?, by Whitney Carnahan

What's the BIG Idea ppt, by Whitney Carnahan

Altered Books, by Frances Lakatos

Mother's Day Baskets, by Amy Potts

Critiques & Protocols for You & Your Students, by Kim Foster

Using Children's Books in the Art Room, by Laura Halter

Etching Copper, by Carleen Johns

Relief Reproductions, by Janet Bryan

Hip Hop Airbrush, by Malcom McCrae

New Watercolor Experiences, by Teri Willett

Dealing with the Chaos, by Jim Peters

Dirty Art, by Stephanie Mennemeyer

Art Room Hacks by Keeli Singer

Saturday Workshops

Subtractive Relief Carving, by Hester Menier

Bead Dazzling, by Joy Taylor

Paper Quilts, by Amber Mintert

Bee Creative, by Valda Aguero

Creating Meaningful Student Self-Assessment, by Connie Shoemaker

German Bell Puppets, by Nathan Bursac

Oh, What a Relief It Is, by Revonda Baker

Crazy Huge Charcoal Drawings, by Michael Shukers

SteamPunk, by Tina Hyde

Unpeeled: Based on the Work of Escher, by Fred Mintert

Holiday Workshop, by Andrea Aeschleman

STEAM: Interdisciplinary Classroom & Museum Connections, by Anne Perry

Teaching Kindergarten Without Going Crazy, by Katy Ohmes-Liechti

Chalk Pastel Galaxies, by Lori Atkins

Printmaking, by Leesha Dunkeson