Youth Art Month

Here is the Link to the 2019 Youth Art Month Packet!!! Entries are due FEB. 1st.

If you can't access it through the link above, copy and paste the following:

Youth Art Month Capitol Exhibit Recognition and Awards

March 11, 2019

State Capitol, Jefferson City

1st floor Capitol Rotunda

Program Begins at 11:00 AM with Districts 1-6 Recognition followed by an Awards Ceremony, and Districts 7-11 Recognition

YAM Flag Packet for 2019

Click here for the link to the packet

Deadline: December 21, 2018

2018 Youth Art Month Award Winners

Overall Sargent Art Award

Julia Mason Grade 12

Teacher Megan Johnson

Nixa High School

Governor’s Choice Award

Courtney Walsch Grade 11

Teacher Lori Bockting

Linn High School

Governor’s Mansion Award

Kendall Bagley Grade 5

Teacher Kimberly Pearcy

Warsaw South Elementary

President’s Choice High School

Chey Fuqua Grade 12

Teacher Pam Haahr

Lathrop High School

President’s Choice Award 6-8

Madison Doyle Grade 8

Teacher Elizabeth Wallsmith

Carl Junction Junior High School

President’s Choice 3-5

Bailey Eades Grade 5

Teacher Dawn Sveom King

Glenwood Elementary

President’s Choice K-2

Bristol Starks Grade K

Teacher Angie Helm

Carl Junction Primary

YAM Flag winner

Stella Vonder Harr Grade 4

House Springs Elementary

Teacher Michelle Howard