Youth Art Month

Youth Art Month Video

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Follow this link to see both YAM and the Senate Show walkthroughs.

Youth Art Month Cancellation: Members of the MAEA and YAM leadership will work to ensure that each student will still receive their certificates, and that all art will be delivered back in a timely manner. We will also make arrangements for winners to receive their awards. We are taking the art down March 15th and will post images and video of the display on our website, so everyone can see the display. When you receive your art and certificates, we greatly encourage you to set up a special photo opportunity at school to honor your students at a school board meeting or with school administration, so that they can still have a special moment to celebrate their hard work.

Thank you for your continued participation in YAM, we hope to see you all next year.

Here is the Link to the 2020 Youth Art Month Packet!!!

Entries are due FEB. 1st., 2021

2021 Youth Art Month Packet

See this year's winners below.

YAM Flag Packet for 2021

Click here for the link to the packet

Deadline: December 31, 2020

Youth Art Month Capitol Exhibit Recognition and Awards

March TBD

State Capitol, Jefferson City

1st floor Capitol Rotunda

Program Begins at 11:00 AM with Districts 1-6 Recognition followed by an Awards Ceremony, and Districts 7-11 Recognition

Please share your Youth Art Month photos for inclusion in the annual slide show to

2020 Youth Art Month Award Winners

President's Choice Lower Elementary:

Kimber Nelson, Pumpkin

Art Educator- Lori Atkins

President's Choice Upper Elementary:

Cadence Johnson

Art Educator- Courtney Morrill

President’s Choice Middle School:

Vann Aubrey, Chill Owl

Art Educator - Tessa Courtoise

President’s Choice High School:

Lorena Farrell

Art Educator Susan Buffington

Sargent Art Award:

Caprice Pope, Eyes of Green

Art Educator- Lana Dawson

Governor’s Choice:

Allison Gant, Olde Town Road

Art Educator- Kim Meneses

Governor’s Mansion:

Keion Greives, Winter Tree

Art Educator- Lianne Hollander

YAM Flag Winner:

Art Educator-