Fall Conference 2015 Resources

Friday Workshops

Art Show Wow Moments: Collaborative Projects and Group Hung Artwork, by Dinah Orr

Help! What do I do with these clay scraps?, by Amy Potts and Cyndi Sheperd

Cheap and Easy Steampunk Hats, by Heather Alvarado

Color Wheel Dragons, by Lisa Kirk and Linda Philipian

Mixed Media Madness! by Andrea Aeschliman (List of Words and Phrases)

Hippy Bus Art: Promoting Your Art Program, by Fred Mintert

Face Painting with Watercolor Pencils, by Amy Potts

Saturday Workshops

Culture Fair, by Elizabeth Barker and Quentin Maxwell (Links to: Promotional Video, Slideshow Video, Highlights Video)

The Day the Crayons Quit: Writing and Illustrating a Letter, by Michelle Howard

Clay is NOT a Dirty Word, by Wayne Henry

How to Create an India Ink/Tempera Resist Monoprint, by Tana Kettner

Expandable Foam Sculpture, by Carla Peery

The Marshmallow Challenge, by Connie Shoemaker

STE+AM and SAMR, by Leesha Dunkeson

Task Party: A Performance Event, by Baum and Peterson

Relief Printmaking on the Cheap, by Mick Luehrman

How to Survive Kindergarten Art, by Stephanie Mennemeyer (Stop Signs)