Senate Hall Exhibit

View our 2021 Senate Hall Show Exhibit Virtually through the presentation below. The artwork will be on display at the State Capital from April 2021 through March 2022.

2021 Senate Show Winners Prints

Now accepting works for the 2022 Exhibit!

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New Submission deadline of December 15th

For more details, questions, help and Q&A see below

About the Exhibit:

Established in 2014, a joint effort between the Missouri Alliance for Arts Education, the Missouri Art Education Association, and sponsored by Senator David Pearce, the Senate Hall Art Exhibit showcases fine arts programs in all 34 state senate districts. The exhibit is located on the grounds of the Capitol in the hallway that leads from senate parking to the Capitol ground floor entrance.

How it Works:

K-12 teachers from any arts discipline take high-quality photos of a work or performance. Images are submitted to us, organized by district and sent to each of our 34 state senate districts. They view work from their district and select one image to represent them. The chosen images are printed on 12"x16" paper and displayed in frames throughout the year at the Missouri Capitol to advocate legislator support for the arts.

Submitting Work:

  • Click on the link at the top of the page, this will take you to a form. 1st: complete the form. 2nd: click on the dropbox link to submit up to 10 images. 3rd: Submit the form.

    • Images must be 1.5MB or larger in file size. Smaller photos will be ineligible (most phone cameras work great, however images from Artsonia are too small). Images must be high resolution to enlarge to a 12"x 16" frame and not be blurred.

    • Images must be renamed according to guidelines on form. Images incorrectly labeled will be ineligible.

    • Images can be of 2D work, 3D work, or a performance.

    • The selected works will be printed and displayed for the exhibit.

  • All submissions are due before December 15

  • Each of our 34 Senators will select one winning work from their district to be displayed from March 2022 thru March 2023.

Important Image Information:

*The file size of submitted images must be 1.5MB or larger. Make sure your image can be increase to 12" x16" without being blurry.

*Change your camera settings so you are taking high quality images. This way your file size will be large enough. File size cannot be enlarged after photo is taken. Most smartphones take large enough images.

*Images must be renamed before upload as:

  • "SenateDistrict.TeacherFirstandLastName.StudentFirstNameandLastName.Number"

  • (example: SD16.VickiBean.JohnSmith.1)

  • If a student has multiple entries, please indicate so by changing the number at the end of each image. The computer will replace images as duplicates if named the same.

  • (example: SD16.VickiBean.JohnSmith.2)

  • Images incorrectly named will not be eligible for consideration


2021 FAQ Sheet

Q: How do I take a high-quality photo?

A: Click Here

Q: In what State Senate District is my school?

A: Use your school address and Click Here

Q: How do you know whose artwork is chosen?

A: If your image is selected, we will contact the teacher for additional information, like the name and age of the student.

Q: Will we ever need to submit the student's original work?

A: No. MAEA will print the image that you digitally submitted on 12"x16" paper and display the printed copy. Students can take home their original or submit it in another contest!

Q: Do my images need to be a certain size or format, like JPEG?

A: Yes and No. Yes, the FILE size has to be 1.5MB or larger, so that we can print it 12"x16" paper and it not be blurry. No, it does not have to be any certain format: TIF, JPEG, PDF, are all fine.

Q: Why do I need to correctly rename my photo?

A: Information submitted on the form are stored on an excel sheet separate from the dropbox of images. Correct image labels help us present it to the correct legislator, then contact teachers if their image is selected.

Q: How do I rename an image?

A: Option 1: Right click the file, then select "Rename". Option 2: open the file. Click "file" on your menu bar, then select "Rename".

Q: Why must submitted images be 1.5MB or larger?

A: If your image is selected, we print the submitted image on 12"x16" paper. If the file size is not large enough the print will be blurry.

Other Questions?

Email Vicki Bean at