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MAEA Council Members



Hester Menier


Melanie Robinson


Diana Mahoney

District Representatives

District 5 Rep

Rosemary Ziegler

YAM Flag Coordinator

District 6 Rep

Cherie Peters

District 7 Rep

Michelle Howard

District 8 Rep

Pam Winter & Brian Kingery

District 9 Rep

Alexandra Burnside

District 10 Rep

Member At Large

Taylor Hopkins

District 10 Website

District 11 Reps

Nikki Heuring and Danielle Anderson

District 11 Website

Division Representatives

Appointed Council Members

Commitee Chairs

Membership Chair

Sarah Luttrell

Technology Chair

Teall Williams


Photographer & Special Projects

Ron Jennings


Hester Menier

Fall Conference Chair

Tiffany Caldwell

Spring Conference Co-Chair

Alexandra Burnside

Vendor Liaison

Kelly Bethel

Special Projects

Brian DeClue

Show Me Art Editor

Shellby Brannam

Show Me Art Editor

Bonnie Thomas

Escape Room Question....

There are 4 groups of council members above, each has their email linked to their position title. They are always available to help you find information and answer questions. Who would you contact if you needed help with your membership?

Bonus! Send a shout out to your division or district representative on our Twitter page.