Missouri Art Education Association

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Meaningful Art Experiences for All

It is the mission of the Missouri Art Education Association to locally, regionally, and nationally promote, preserve, and perpetuate visual art education.

Based on the belief that all people have abilities and needs for creating and understanding art, the goal of the Missouri Art Education Association is to advocate quality visual arts education by supporting creative teaching, providing opportunities for professional development and encouraging the study and implementation of best practices in our discipline.

This will be accomplished by:

  • Promoting lifelong visual arts education at all levels: early childhood, K-12, higher education, museum education, and adult/community programs

  • Providing art teachers opportunities for receiving collegial support and networking

  • Providing our members with knowledge of and access to resources which support art education

  • Working toward alignment of community, state, and national art education initiatives

  • Encouraging the aesthetics inherent in the making of art

  • Collaborating with all members of the learning organization

  • Promoting public awareness of the knowledge, skills, and emotive aspects that are components of quality visual arts education

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