Grants Available

  1. MAEA Membership Grant - Grant deadline extended until 9/21/2021 Membership grants are available for those who may need assistance covering a portion or all of their MAEA membership. MAEA members have generously donated to this fund to help ensure that everyone can access this valuable membership. Want to help extend this fund? Click here to donate today!

  2. MAEA Emerging Leaders Grant-

The MAEA Emerging Leaders Program has been created to give fellow art educators in their first 10 years of teaching the opportunity to help facilitate and contribute to the betterment and proliferation of a strong art organization. MAEA will provide the registration to a leadership conferences. Lodging and travel will be provided by the individual.

  1. MAEA Conference Attendance Grant - Grant deadline extended until 9/21/2021

We at MAEA believe that conferences work best when attended by members from all levels of academia. But we understand that attending conferences can be expensive, especially for early career art teachers. To encourage attendance, we award Conference Attendance Grants of up to $300. The awards provide a contribution towards the cost of registration, accommodations, and meals, as well as the cost of travel to and from the conference.

  1. MAEA Project Grant - The Project Grant provides financial support to MAEA members for projects. (A project is a specific art presentation, exhibit or creation of work that is fully executed within a specified timeline. Projects may include research, creative work, publications, etc.) This is designed to encourage new work, but work already begun will be considered. Funding will not be offered for projects geared solely to educational activities, supplies or materials, which should be funded by your institution.

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