Student Show


The Student Show is limited to hand delivered works of art at the time of the Spring Conference for registered attendees. Information concerning the location of the exhibition can be obtained at the conference registration site.

  • All work submitted must be two dimensional (any media) ONLY and must be created on a 4x6 postcard style paper.

  • The work must be original (no work should be copied from other images).

  • Eight (8) individual student artwork total PER teacher.

  • All entries must be mounted on a self standing display board per category. To create the display board, tri-fold a piece of poster board for one category.

  • If artwork falls in more than one category, mount each category separately. Example: If you have 4 kindergarten pieces and 4 third grade pieces, you would have a board for the kindergarten-secondary category and a board for the third-fourth grade category.

  • On the front of the self standing display, please identify artwork with the student names and grade level in addition to the entry tag (at the right).

  • Identification information (school name and art teacher/MAEA membership number) must be printed clearly on the back of the self standing display board.

  • The tag (at right for photo copy use) must be completely filled out and attached to the front lower right hand corner of the poster board. Please cut a slit on the line indicated in order to fold for judging.

  • All work must be installed by the teacher. The teacher must supply all materials necessary for installing the work.

  • The artwork must be removed immediately after the close of the exhibition (prior to the end of the conference). No work will be returned by mail.

  • When you drop off your artwork, sign up for your time slot to help keep an eye on the exhibition.


Awards are given in the following categories:

Pre-K/Kindergarten – Second Grade

Third Grade – Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade – Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade – Eighth Grade

Ninth Grade – Tenth Grade

Eleventh Grade – Twelfth Grade

Photocopy the entry tag and use it on all entries submitted.

Entries will not be accepted without this tag.

STUDENT SHOW INFO & TAG-updated 2022.pdf

Download the Student Show Information Flyer with Entry Tag