Youth Art Month

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2018 Youth Art Month Packet

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YAM Flag Packet for 2017

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Deadline: December 21, 2016 


YAM Schedule of Awards

March 19, 2018-- Schedule to be announced in February 2018

2017 Youth Art Month Award Winners



Aubrey Schmit 11.jpg

Aubrey Schmit Grade 11

Governor’s Choice Award

Teacher Tana Kettner

Salem High School


Drake Murrell 4.jpg

Drake Murrell Grade 4

Governor’s Mansion Award

Teacher Kimberly Pearcy

Warsaw South Elementary


Julia Gilman 11.jpg

Julia Gilman Grade 11

Overall Sargent Art Award

Teacher Shannon Engelbrecht

Rolla High School


Kyra Vermeland 12.jpg

Kyra Vermeland Grade 12

President’s Choice High School

Teacher Kim Meneses

Fort Osage High School


Tyler Husch 8.jpg

Tyler Husch Grade 8

President’s Choice Award 6-8

Teacher Kay Leeper

Cameron Veterans Middle School



Jose Rosa-Garcia 5.jpg

 Jose Rosa-Garcia Grade 5

President’s Choice 3-5

Teacher John Rose

Waynesville Wood Elementary



Caiden Walker 2.jpg

Caiden Walker Grade 2

President’s Choice K-2

Teacher Heather Allen

Waynesville Partridge Elementary



 yam flag 2.jpg

Peyton Ziegler Grade 8

YAM Flag winner

Lawson Middle School

Teacher Elizabeth Sheek



 To find more pictures from the 2016 Youth Art Month Capitol Exhibit click HERE