Spring 2014 Resources

Lesson Plans and Resources from the MAEA Spring Conference 2014


Attendance Certificate 2014 Spring Conference

Keynote Address:

Juan Carlos Castro:  Teaching Art in a Networked World

Thursday Sessions:

Slumped Wine Bottle Workshop at The Mission

Friday Sessions:

BLICK, Mary Schuytema: Concentric Kirigami

Cari Bland:  Japanese Washi Eggs

Jill Fields:  Mini Chihuly Sculptures

Amy Potts: Stop-Motion Animation

Jessie Bayless: Cube Cities 

Barbara Boynton:  Integrating Math Lessons for High School Students

Karalee McDonald: Haiku Tunnel Book

Jessica Busby:  Add Flair to Your Ware with Budget Savvy Handmade Tools

Amy Carr: Travel, Study, or Teach Abroad Affordably  

Marilynne Bradley:  Get the Point of the Hypotenuse

Cathy Russell: Analogous Birds

Kim Foster & Brian DeClue: Funtography

Marilynne Bradley:  Plein Air Painting Indoors

Kelly Bethel:  One Line Painter Geoff Slater, and Skype

Teri Willett: Wonderful World of Watercolors

Michael Shukers: Digital Photography: Composition is Key--Elements and Principles of Photography


Saturday Sessions:

Hester Menier: Kindergarten Art Using the 8 Math CCSS Process Standards

Thomas Wheeler: What? When? Where? Are the Elements & Principles Real?

Jessie Bayless & James Tatum: Horse Hair Firing

Debra Straatmann: Chuck Close Style Selfies

Dee Motter:  Elementary Collage Art

Sarah Cress & Holley Smothers: Two Women, One Shared Journey: A National Board Tale

Heidi Lung:  Art on a Cart, Research, Mixed Methods

Aimee Fresia: Art Lessons Integrating Science, Lower Elementary

Laurie Myers: Design Thinking as Collaborative Learning in Education 

Kay Leeper & Melanie Robinson: Clay Monsters

Laura Halter & Andrea Aeschliman: Choice Based Art

Donita Ellison: The Beauty and Ethics of Linear Perspective—A Lesson for Art & Ourselves! 

Heidi Lung:  STEAM, Collaborative Education

Alissa Quaite: What Goes Up, Must Come Down...Color Wheel, Gotta Go Round