Spring Conference 2017 Resources

MAEA Spring Conference, April 6-8, 2017, Springfield

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Friday Workshops

How to Host Fine Arts Week, by Heuring, Slusher, and Anderson
O'Keeffe Relief
, by Stacie Allen
Woven Ribbons - Value Study, by Charly Brewer

Brush Up With Watercolor Painting, by Marilynne Bradley
Lessons Learned from Calo Classroom: Reactive Attachment Disorder & Sensory Integration, by Holley Smothers
Choice Your Way, by Jessie Bayless

What We Wish We Knew Before Starting Student-Directed Learning, by Pam Winter and Sarah Bayless
How Can Art Club Promote Community Relations?
, by Susan Buffington 

Weaving With What You've Got!, by Deana Ward
Starting Choice Based Without Going Nuts
, by Janey Hood
Now What? TAB Curriculum Mini-Lessons and Opening Studios, by Katy Liechti

AP Art Info, by Kim Powell

Paint Night: FUNdraising for your program!, by Keeli Singer
Creating Ceramic Electric Guitars-A STEAM Lesson
, by Jeffrey Sass
Asian Dragon Sculpture: Large, Collaborative and Multi-Media
, by Lisa Stegall

Saturday Workshops

The Isms: Exploring Art History Using Multi-Media, by Rosemary Ziegler
Blacklight Fluorescent Art, by Heather Mallett
Fun Fridays!, by Adrian Johnson
Rural STEAM: Hypertufa Planters and Succulents
, by Taylor Hopkins
Bluebirds, Mules, & Ice Cream Cones: Missouri Symbols in Art, by Tracy Porter
Under the Big Top/Big Ideas for the Circus, by Mary Jo Kattleman

Monster Making: A Community Experience, by Connie Shoemaker
Elementary Common Core Sketchbook's 2.0 & Incorporating Technology using Artsonia Classroom, by Jami Heflin

Surface Decoration with Mayco Designer Silkscreens & Designer Stencils, Mayco, Teddy Wright
Graphic Initials
, by Melanie Robinson