Up to the Minute with the President of MAEA


2015 Elections Open

The elections are an important part of the growth of MAEA.  Our goal is to:

  • open elections and council positions to all MAEA members
  • create an electronic ballot using the new Google Forms to effectively and economically (no fees involved) 
  • supply a candidates credentials and picture to refer to during the voting process
  • provide ample opportunity for all MAEA members to vote online  


2015 Kansas City Planning

I am so excited to be planning the 2015 spring conference in Kansas City with Stephanie Mennemeyer as the conference on-sit coordinator and Tina Hyde as the conference workshop planner (and so much more!)  

  • Something New:  New to the conference this year is "Art on the Spot".  Teachers can participate in a Thursday night art challenge with Brian DeClue.  Teachers will receive their prompts on Thursday evening and have just 2 hours to create their masterpiece.  The 1st place winner will receive a Knob Noster Fall Conference registration worth $100!  There is a fee of $5 to participate.  I will bring you more information on this activity soon.
  • Something New:  The "Night at the Museum" Gala will be held on Friday night.  Enjoy awards, activities, and our red and white color theme with hat and gloves or hat and tie.  More information to come very soon.

 2/2/2015 MAEA Up to the Minute

The following is an update on the latest MAEA news.  Please feel free to use this information to share with your districts/divisions.


Winter Minuteshttp://mbcurl.me/ZW7R  We had a great winter meeting.  The location was Stephanie Mennemeyer’ s classroom at Lee Summit Elementary.  


Senate Exhibit Welcomes Clayton!:Clayton Noltkamper is a young K-8 art teacher from Steelville, MO.   He is using 123Contact, which is our new information gathering web site.  He can collect images which we just couldn't do with SurveyMonkey.      

YAM: Helpers needed for YAM set up, Feb. 26th

Stephanie Mennemeyer, Deb Straatman, Lori Bockting, Hester Menier with supporting help from Ron Jennings and Tina Hyde.  The team is doing a bit of an update this year and working hard to make the event better than ever.  Thank you to all of the YAM team members! 

Fall Conference is Oct. 9-10  The council meeting will be on Oct. 9th early in the morning.  If you are not presenting at spring conference, then make plans to present for fall conference.  The sign up for presenters will be posted soon.

 Spring Conference April 9-11th:The council meeting will be on Thursday 2:00-5:30 pm.  Come prepared with 3 goals/accomplishments to share with council. 

Stephanie Mennemeyer is the onsite coordinator and Tina Hyde has completed the scheduling of workshops along with playing a significant role in planning for conference.  Stephanie will be sending out promotional emails about the conference.  Make sure you also send out information.  You may ask the three of us any questions you may have.

Visit the conference page: http://www.maea.net/spring_conf_2015

Gala Hats: : A red and white affair and you must come dressed to impress!  What better way than with an outrageously, artistic hat.  Start making your hats now and share a photo of your hat. The theme is red and white.  You can also decorate matching gloves and or tie.  District and Division Reps may want to share this hat challenge with your members.  Some members of district 6 have started their own monthly gatherings with Clayton Noltkamper getting us organized.  This past Saturday, teachers created their gala hats in the red and white theme colors.   You might organize your own Hat Party.  

Gala Hats Make and Take:  Jessie Bayless is a young teacher from mid Missouri.  She will be hosting a make and take workshop on Thursday night.  You can stop by and make your hat then. 

Prompt: A red and white affair and you must come dressed to impress! What better way than with an outrageously, artistic hat!  Stop by the _______ to make your red and white headdress for the Gala.  There will be some construction supplies, but feel free to bring your own. There will also be an instructor on hand to offer templates and ideas.  Just bring your creativity!

Supplies: Please, consider donating supplies to the make and take on Thursday evening.  The supplies will include caps (soda[for tiny hats], hairspray cans, or any other large round-ish lid you can find), cardboard, spray paint (white, black or white), ribbon, feathers, silk flowers or whatever Flair, and hot glue.

Show Me Art:

Begin sharing information with your district representatives and even the Show Me Art Team for Show Me Art articles.  Deadline for articles will be just a few weeks after spring conference.  Think about pictures, great projects, and more to share.  When in doubt, email Rick Peterson or Lisa Kirk about sending in your article. 



They are always looking for article ideas, artwork for the cover and much more!


MAEA  and NAEA Awards

Art Educator of the Year.....Rosie Riordan

Elementary Educator......Sheryl Lamme

Middle School Educator....Fred Mintert

Secondary Educator....Ron Jennings

K-12 Educator....Teresa (Kat) Grajek

Retired Educator....Linda Bowers

Supervision/Administration.....Michelle Ridlen


Hester Menier and Vicki Bean have received awards from National!  Hester has been selected for the Western Region Elementary Art Educator Award.  Vicki has been selected for the Western Region Art Educator of the Year and the National Secondary Educator of the Year!  WOW!  Way to go!