Fall 2015 Resources

Presenter resources from the MAEA Fall Conference, 2015

Certificate of Attendance


Friday Workshops

Art Show Wow Moments: Collaborative Projects and Group Hung Artwork, by Dinah Orr
Help! What do I do with these clay scraps?, by Amy Potts and Cyndi Sheperd
Cheap and Easy Steampunk Hats, by Heather Alvarado
Color Wheel Dragons
, by Lisa Kirk and Linda Philipian
Mixed Media Madness!
by Andrea Aeschliman (List of Words and Phrases)
Hippy Bus Art: Promoting Your Art Program, by Fred Mintert
Face Painting with Watercolor Pencils, by Amy Potts


Saturday Workshops

Culture Fair, by Elizabeth Barker and Quentin Maxwell (Links to: Promotional Video, Slideshow Video, Highlights Video)
The Day the Crayons Quit: Writing and Illustrating a Letter, by Michelle Howard
Clay is NOT a Dirty Word, by Wayne Henry
How to Create an India Ink/Tempera Resist Monoprint, by Tana Kettner
Expandable Foam Sculpture, by Carla Peery
The Marshmallow Challenge
, by Connie Shoemaker

STE+AM and SAMR, by Leesha Dunkeson
Task Party: A Performance Event
, by Baum and Peterson 
Relief Printmaking on the Cheap, by Mick Luehrman
How to Survive Kindergarten Art, by Stephanie Mennemeyer (Stop Signs)