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The Excitement is Building...

The excitement is building for our 2015 Missouri Conference!  Are you registered?

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District 1

Welcome District 1 folks!  I am learning new things here at our Summer Council meeting including how to start up this blog for District 1. (woohoo!)  We are setting goals for the year, along with a budget, and talking about how we can increase membership!  I challenge YOU to invite someone to join & bring them to Knobnoster and our Kansas City Conference! I cannot imagine my life without MAEA.  I look back to when I was just a beginning teacher and how much I have grown from those first years because I attended conferences and learned so much from so many of you!  I started choice-based learning because of this organization.  I have met so many new wonderful art teachers and they are invaluable resources that I can contact for how to handle situations at school, classroom management questions, art show tips, etc.  I don't know where I would be without MAEA but I do know I would not be nearly the teacher I am!

Here are the dates if you need to know for the upcoming year:  Knobnoster is Oct. 3-4 & Kansas City's conference will be April 9-12, 2015.  I am planning to host a drag n' brag Nov. 15 in St. Joseph at my home so please plan to come!  I would love to have you!  Email me at andrea.aeschliman at sjsd.k12.mo.us if you want more information!   Have a great school year D1!